Across the Northeast we have experienced extremely nippy weather the past few days. I dared to brave the bitter cold sans coat in these photos. Some of the photos were comical because I couldn’t hide the fact that I was freezing my caboose off but being able to show off my nifty sweater that I […]

Operation: Beat the Freeze

Today’s objective was to stay warm. Thus, I’m wearing my striped wool sweater, corduroy pants, and scarf. I decided to clothe myself in warm and soft items. Why no socks? I don’t know. My loafers fit better without them.   (Sweater: Gap, Pants: Filene‘s Basement, Shoes: Payless, Scarf Gifted (from  Chico’s)

Living In Color

As a girl I loved pink. I was obsessed with everything pink. Wearing it gave me such pleasure.  But people began to whisper about us. They were unable to accept what we had. My obsession grew out of control and I had to end my tawdry affair with the color.  It’s been a few years and somehow it has managed to creep back into […]