Highs and Lows

 I have a love hate relationship with the high low hem line. I think it’s a good way to show off your gams or a fabulous pair of shoes but it’s also a little awkward. I’m always conscious to make sure my skirt isn’t tucked into my stockings or what have you and I this […]


RR: Rested and Rejuvenated

Hello Lovelies- Sometimes a vacation is all you need to adjust your mood. I was lucky enough to travel to beautiful Bermuda last week. I have returned feeling rejuvenated. I’m trying to savor this feeling for as long as possible. While it feels a little surreal I’m back at work and blogging. Everyone keeps telling me […]

Spring Purge

I’m really enjoying going through my spring clothing. I’m falling in love with my clothes all over again. Some pieces I’ve forgotten about and it’s almost as if they are new. It’s like Christmas! Now is a good opportunity to go through your clothing  inventory and purge old/ unwanted items and make room for new ones. This […]

It’s All About the Socks

 This high waist Anne Klein skirt sits comfortably above my waist without digging into my flesh. It’s also the perfect way to hide my Post Thanksgiving day bloat. I really like the details of the shirt and the different patterns combined. I’m also rocking the socks with heels. I started liking the style after seeing it on […]