RR: Rested and Rejuvenated

Hello Lovelies- Sometimes a vacation is all you need to adjust your mood. I was lucky enough to travel to beautiful Bermuda last week. I have returned feeling rejuvenated. I’m trying to savor this feeling for as long as possible. While it feels a little surreal I’m back at work and blogging. Everyone keeps telling me […]

Simplistic Isn’t Simple

  I’m finding a new love for simple style. I typically do not wear black often and now I’m seeing that this is a style no-no. Black instantly pulls together a look gives it polish. If you like to accessorize you can do so without fearing that you will clutter your look with too many accessories.  […]

Seeing Red

So it seems that Boston will be hit with another snow storm. We didn’t receive much snow until recently but the impact of having it snow so much in a short span of time is brutal. Enough is enough!! With that being said, I’m going to go out tonight and enjoy the evening since it’s […]


There’s something about this dress that always screams hippy. Maybe it’s the fun relaxed shape, crinkle material or the funky pattern. Who knows!- but all the aforementioned qualities made me buy it. P.S. – Please disregard the debris and dirty snow. Operation melt down (after the storm) is in full effect! 🙂 (Coat and Sweater: […]