Activity Planning

  I’m looking forward to a night of painting and sipping cocktails. While my artistic abilities are limited I tried to convey my kind of artistry through my ‘fit. This look is perfect for day and evening. The sweater provides coverage from the blustery Ac at work. Later on I can slip it off and […]

RR: Rested and Rejuvenated

Hello Lovelies- Sometimes a vacation is all you need to adjust your mood. I was lucky enough to travel to beautiful Bermuda last week. I have returned feeling rejuvenated. I’m trying to savor this feeling for as long as possible. While it feels a little surreal I’m back at work and blogging. Everyone keeps telling me […]

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Wearing a new pair of shoes gives me such a thrill. I like to imagine all the different ways that I can style them. Here are some of my favorite shoe picks now. Converse’s Boston Sneaker I love to represent for my city and what better way can you do that by wearing its name on your shoe?! […]

Minty Fresh

It was love at first sight when I saw these pants. They are so relaxed and perfect for all day wear. I got a few comments on my outfit being fresh and springlike which is exactly what I was aiming for. It’s nice when you are able to reach your target. Especially on a Monday…It usually takes […]

Light and Free

What I love about the warmer months is the simplicity of  my style. While I do enjoy accessorizing and personalizing my style, I also like that the warmer weather inspires me want to wear simple styles. I tend to not overload on jewelry or other items. I want to feel light and free. A nice top, good pant and a sleek shoe […]

One Tone Is NOT Monotone

Your look won’t fall flat if you wear one hue (head to toe).  By including garments that have embellishments you can give your look oomph and break up the monotony of your outfit. Try wearing colors that aren’t the exact shade too if you are a little weary of  wearing one color. You can also add texture to your […]