Spring Purge

I’m really enjoying going through my spring clothing. I’m falling in love with my clothes all over again. Some pieces I’ve forgotten about and it’s almost as if they are new. It’s like Christmas! Now is a good opportunity to go through your clothing  inventory and purge old/ unwanted items and make room for new ones. This […]

Spring Fever

Since the spring weather isn’t coming to us I brought it to the office today with these fun floral pants and shades of pink. Doesn’t my outfit just scream spring? Hopefully Mother Nature hears me and soon enough we will be basking in the warmth of the  sun. Let’s keep our fingers crossed! (Top, Sweater […]

In Limbo

I have worn a mix of spring and winter clothing lately. I’ve tried to balance out my styles without having them favor one particular season. Like my clothing the weather is in limbo too. Yesterday it looked  warm and sunny but it was downright freezing out. When amid a change in seasons the transitional period is a […]

Green + Navy

These photos were taken yesterday pres-storm. The weather is super cray now. Visibility is poor. While the fresh dusting of snow is pretty, I thought it was March and that snow was long behind us. Wishful thinking I suppose. Hopefully there is little accumulation. Just think, yesterday you could see the sidewalks. Now they are slushy and slippery. Ugh. […]