Style Me & Advertising

Girlfriend Shopping Experience

Finding yourself in the middle of a department store with so many clothing options can be quite overwhelming. Like a girlfriend, I can help make shopping
a stress free and (dare I say) a fun process. After a personal style consultation to determine your style goals, I’ll begin to find designs that will compliment your body, style and wallet.
Whether you want to find the perfect look for an event or update your wardrobe, I am confident that I can be a great resource to you.

Fee: $25 per hour in person and $10 online. In person (MA and RI) and Online Shopping Services

Reconstruct my Closet

By assessing your current wardrobe in your closet, I will help to find key items in your wardrobe that will be easy to restyle and update to reflect current styles you adore. Sometimes a little clarity helps to encourage inspiration. After overhauling your closet (organizing, categorizing and donating) you will have a fresh outlook on your wardrobe. I will give you styling tips to bear in mind when build your wardrobe moving forward.

Fee: $50 for a 3 hour session, $10 for each extra hour. Offered in MA and RI.

Contact me if you’re interested in enlisting my keen shopping and styling services or need some friendly advice.  Send me an  email me at or leave a comment below.

Sponsors/ Advertising

Bloggers if you would like to advertise here I would love to have you! You will receive an ad for 5 weeks for $5. Or support your fellow blogger by swapping ads for month. Inquiries can be sent to I can’t wait to work with you!



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