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DIY Alexander McQueen Studded Skull Shoe

After fantasizing about owning a pair of Alexander McQueen skull and studded shoes, I decided to make a pair of my own. By using a pair of Aldo T strap shoes, skulls and bones (from my Halloween costume), glitter and a glue gun I made these shoes a reality.

1)      Painted the skulls and bones with glitter.  

2)      While the skulls dried, I painted the tips of the shoe to cover the traces of wear and tear.

3)      I glued the pieces to the shoe ( glued to the place where the t- shape begins and the back of the shoe).

4)      You can also use studs or rhinestones to create this look.


 DIY- Arm Warmers

 I walked into my local dollar store and immediately noticed these socks. I didn’t think of wearing them the traditional way. I thought to make arm warmers out of them. These are a cool alternative to gloves. 1) Cut the toe area off the socks where your fingers will go. 2) Cut a small section of the heel off for a place for your thumb. 3) You can tuck the edges and either glue or sew them to conceal the unfinished edges or you can wear them as is if you prefer a more rugged look.

 Twinkle Toes


I updated my old Steve Madden Mary Jane shoes that I adore. They were scuffed up from extreme wear and I couldn’t bear to throw them away. I saw this idea on Refinery 29 and thought this was an easy project (and I would get to wear my cute shoes once again). All you need is glue and glitter.

1) Mark the area that you want to glitterize. 2) Cover the area with glue. 3) Sprinkle glitter on the area. 4) Shake the excess glitter off. After your shoes dry they are ready to go. You can also use a sparkly art deco pen or nail art polish to create this look.



 Fabric Bangles

I saw similar bangles for sale and thought that it would be easy to try to create them myself. There’s just something rewarding about crafting your own clothing or accessories, wearing them, and receiving compliments on the handcrafted item J.  These bangles would make great gifts for your fashionable friends. They’ll think you’re so creativity and handy for crafting these bangles. The following are notes on how to make your own bangles at home.


Metal bangles or pipe cleaners (either can be used as a base for the bracelet)



Super Glue

1)      If you don’t have bangles at home to use take a few pipe cleaners and twist them together to create the shape of a bangle.

2)      Cut up strips of fabric and wrap them around the bangle.

3)      Glue the ends of the fabric to make sure that the fabric won’t unravel.

4)      Wait for the glue to dry and wear bangles as you desire.


 Labor Day Sales Alert

 Don’t miss Lord & Taylor’s Labor Day sale. They are offering 20% off regular price and sales items and 25% off clearance items. You also save 10% on your purchase when you use your Lord & Taylor credit card.


Feast Your Eyes on These Runway Inspired Looks for a Fraction of that Runway Price!

All of these items are under $100. My personal favorites are the slouchy boots made by Dollhouse and the orange belt for Zara.,,20497866_20500733_20970279,00.html

$39 Glasses

I recently purchased a pair of glasses from I was a little leery at first because I couldn’t wrap my head around getting a complete set of glasses for $39. After shipping the total cost was $43. It took under a week for my  glasses to arrive. They fit perfectly and at this price I can get a couple more pairs for the price of one pair of designer specs. You can even order sunglasses too. I absolutely recommend this site to my fellow glasses wearers!


1,2,3 Earrings

I made these incredibly easy to make earrings on a whim. I used items that I already had around the house. If you don’t have the coin metal plates you can use beads or even buttons.

  1. Take earring hoop and place metal coin on hoop.
  2. Take metal chain and insert it on the hoop behind the metal coin.
  3. Now they are ready to wear!

Again you can use any dangly pieces you have lying around at home to make similar earrings. You can even purchase materials at your local art and crafts store.


















                                                                                DIY Shoulder Cut out Project

I was indoor most of the weekend due to Hurricane/Tropical storm Irene. Thankfully it seems that there wasn’t too much devastation from the storm. My boredom from being cooped up was at an all-time high. Thankfully I stumbled across a fun Do it Yourself (DIY) blog ( I saw this project and thought it seemed simple enough that even I could follow the instructions to recreate it. The results weren’t bad at all. I bought this shirt from H&M and really was fond of the color and the sheer fabric. Though I like the shirt I found it hard to wear. It was kind of plain and needed it an extra boost of appeal. The cutouts instantly made the shirt more fashionable and wearable.

I urge everyone to try this project or find others of interest at this site.




Love List!

Over the weekend I popped into Urban Outfitters. I fell in love with this skirt when I saw it. I think it’s versatile and can be worn now with sandals or flats and in the fall with tights and ankle booties.  


Truly Madly Deeply Mini Pencil Skirt$39.00,+product.marketingPriority&navCount=60&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=W_APP_SHORTS_SKIRTS&popId=W_BOTTOMS&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=



These aren’t the loafers our mom’s used to wear. These are stylish and sleek. As I type this I’m picturing all the things that I can pair them with them and getting excited. I usually don’t like to order shoes online. I like to try them on first but the price is unbeatable. I must have them.



 I adore the vintage style of this blazer. Classic and sophisticated is the way that I would describe this blazer. It will go great with jeans or slacks. The possibilities are infinite.



ItalianVogue stuck its expensive Manolo Blahniks in its mouth this time.Vogue what were you thinking? Though slavery happened such a long time ago these comments are still insensitive and unthoughtful. Readers you be the judge.


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