Activity Planning

  I’m looking forward to a night of painting and sipping cocktails. While my artistic abilities are limited I tried to convey my kind of artistry through my ‘fit. This look is perfect for day and evening. The sweater provides coverage from the blustery Ac at work. Later on I can slip it off and […]


Living In Color

As a girl I loved pink. I was obsessed with everything pink. Wearing it gave me such pleasure.  But people began to whisper about us. They were unable to accept what we had. My obsession grew out of control and I had to end my tawdry affair with the color.  It’s been a few years and somehow it has managed to creep back into […]


Lavender, mint green and sherbet orange are sweet colors to wear this time of year. They make me feel me feel cheerful and counter the dark and dismal colors normally associated with winter. Combining these pretty colors with warm sweaters and heavier fabrics (wool, tweed, and corduroy) will help you successfully create this look. I […]


Today someone called me a hipster. Really, a hipster? Is is because I’m wearing a vest or because my patterns don’t match?  I don’t know how to really define my style. It’s not outrageous or glamorous. Most days, I am just a girl scrambling to find something to wear in the morning. I actually don’t like to define or put […]

Getting a Leg Up

I tapped into my playful side with these striped tights. Luckily, there is a plethora of hosiery  available that are fun and can help add flair to your look. Go bright, lacy, or with texture. You really can’t go wrong. (Dress:  NaNa Fashion, Tights: Walmart, Boots: Hot Kiss, Belt: Vintage, Hair comb: Made by Moi) Here are some designer […]

What is now vintage was once brand new

My love for vintage clothing continues. I picked up this vest at a local thrift store. I’m a sucker for velvet and lace and luckily this vest contains both of those components. I modernized the vest by coupling it  with leggings and boots. I admire the fine craftsmanship used to  fabricate this vest. This vest is […]