Hot Summer Days


I’m not sure if the sweltering temperatures we’ve had would technically constitute as a heat wave but it sure feels like it. This is the one time I do not mind being in my (air-conditioned) office. Luckily the warm weather has given me the opportunity to wear my cute summer frocks which I had waited so patiently to wear.  Knowing that floral and bright colors are on trend I opted to wear this color blocked dress. I like that it looks like I could be wearing a top and skirt but  I’m actually comfortably wearing one article of clothing on this sizzling day.

It’s definitely a Froyo kind of day. What are some of your favorite treats to help you beat the heat?






Dress: Marshalls (old)

Sandals: ShoeDazzle

Necklace: H&M

Ring:  Scored at a swap


3 thoughts on “Hot Summer Days

  1. Loving the colors! Oh those extra cute sandals, so sexy! You look so effortlessly sophisticated! BTW, I eat lots of watermelon, wear a ponytail/bun and little dresses to beat the heat.

    I really love your new blog theme, beautiful! Keep up the great work!

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