Rose Bib DIY

After visiting a crafts store last week and picking up some materials, I was feeling inspired. So I let my creative juices flow.  I know that felt roses are not new but I found an easier way to create them.


(Jacket, Top and Bottom: H&M, Flats: Wet Seal, Necklace/ Bib: Made by me)

These are all the materials you need:

1) Felt 2) Scissors 3) Glue gun 4) Pen or Pencil 5) CD (or round object) 6) Ribbon

Rose DIY

Use the CD to trace a circle on the felt material and cut out the shape.

Rose DIY A

Then begin to cut the shape in a circular motion. As seen below.

 Rose DIY.b

Starting from one end roll the material until you get to the end. Leave a bit of the material unrolled so that you have a flap. Put glue on the bottom end of the  rolled up material. Press the small flap onto the glue to cover the bottom of the roll.  And, there you have your rose.


You can create as many as you want and make a necklace (as I did) or a headband. Whichever you choose will look fab. This is a great gift idea or something simple you can make for yourself to go with your spring wardrobe.

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