Chocolate Orange

Tomorrow we’re supposed to get a substantial snowfall. I’m not looking forward to wearing my snow gear. I’m praying that the meteorologists flubbed on their predictions and it won’t be so bad. I think snow is pretty to look at initially and then it becomes a slushy mess.  Yuck. Mother Nature has been kind to us so I guess we are overdue for snow. Today, I embraced the clean, visible sidewalks, and overall decent weather by wearing these over the knee brown leather boots and this cute orange and chocolate combination. I wish I got a close up of this top. It’s navy blue and white. It has ruffles going down the front of the shirt but this dress only reveals the ruffles at the top. So cute!

( Dress and Sweater: H& M, Shoes and Top: Marshalls)


4 thoughts on “Chocolate Orange

  1. I’ve found that I like wearing the combination of chocolate and orange as well, even though it makes me feel like I’m a Cleveland Browns fan (which I am decidedly NOT!). This outfit looks great on you, especially with the different lengths of your dress and sweater.

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