Glitz and Glam


 Be sure to check out Maybelline’s 2012 calendar. It’s packed with makeup inspiration. Each month unveils a super bold, sexy, and creative style.  Shiny and glittery pouts, lux lashes and colorful blushes – are all ways to breathe new life into your daily makeup routine with the help of Maybelline. I’m taking notes on how to recreate these looks at home.

Stella McCartney Hawaiian Spring Collection

In the past I hadn’t been a fan of Hawaiian prints but this isn’t your normal Hawaiian garb. These styles have appeal because they are modern and fresh. The tunics and harem pants are items that you’d find in any collection but the island flare puts them in a league of their own. Bursts of color and clean lines make this collection sensational. I can definitely see myself wearing these anywhere hot and  sunny.

Cute Hair

I have to start by saying that I idolize and adore Gwen Stefani. She is a fashion pioneer, gutsy and demure. Her trademark glam rock style sets her apart from her peers. This hairstyle is another sensation out her fashion cupboard. I like that it’s whimsical and elegant at once. The high knot is appropriate for a night out or a day at work.  It’s also simple to create and will continue to look  great after a long day or night.  You can also add hair pins or clips to amplify the style.

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