Pleasing to the Eye

H& M – Spring Looks

The colors put me under a trance. I like the classic designs matched with great colors. I know that some people find black and gray to be the most flattering colors but I like colors that  warm up your skin tone. Blazers, shorts, billowy tops, and floral prints will reign supreme this Spring in their collection.

Feather Mani

These are some funky nails. I haven’t seen anything like it before. This looks easy enough for me to pull off without goofing up. I guess feathers are in. I always see the feather extensions in the store but I’m too scared to buy them. If I do buy them and don’t like them I can use them on my nails…Waste not, want not.  

Earring Cuffs

As seen in the Zoe Report, these earring cuffs are neat and extremely affordable. You can buy them here. They give the look of multiple piercings but there is no pain.  I like the idea of being able to put them on when I’m feeling like a punk or daring and then getting rid of them when I’m not in the mood.

Steve Madden Shoes – Resort Collection

Lately, I’ve been crushing on cute shoes. These are no exception. I’m big on heels. I think they look glam and they dress up any outfit. These are fun sandals for a winter getaway. I have seen women wearing sandals with tights lately. If it’s not too cold or wet out this could be a good look to consider.

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