Sad News and Good Buys

Bye-bye Sears and Kmart

You probably already know by now, that Sears and Kmart are set to close over a hundred stores. This is due to years of declining sales since 2005 when the companies merged. As of December 23, Sears had a reported $483 million in outstanding borrowings. This is sad news because (to me) Sears and Kmart  looked out for the consumers that didn’t have deep pockets by offering lay-away plans and lower prices. We still have Target and Wal-Mart which are major corporations faring well in the current economy, but will we see the same thing happen to these companies as well?

DVF Shoes

On a sweeter note, here is the newest collection of shoes from Diane von Furstenberg’s Cruise/ Pre Spring collection. Shoes always put me in a good mood. We all want to step into the New Year on the right foot. It does bum me out to see pre-spring collections in the winter but it also gives me something to look forward to. I can start saving to buy this adorable footwear for the warmer months. I like the nude tones and the subtle streaks of bright colors. I also like that the collection offers styles of both comfort and style. I hate when a collection is one-dimensional and doesn’t offer variety.   

Ultra Lashes

Even when I’m rushing to get out the door, I can not skimp on the mascara. Without it I feel naked. Dionne Phillips has released the easy to apply and durable D’Lashes lash kit. Now you too can have stunning eyelashes like the celebrities. The great thing about this kit is that you can opt for 2 different types of lashes; either a soft and natural look or a more dramatic thicker look. At $65 the kit might be a little pricey but is promises to be worth it.

And the Winner Is…

I almost forgot….the winner of the Ellen Tracey manicure kit is k Elizabeth. Email me:


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