Gray and Blue

Gray, blue and black together sound kind of boring but I think my look yielded sophistication with a dash of color. This skirt was perfect for blocking the unkind wind.I was going to wear a chunky knit sweater but I’m glad that I wore this cropped jacket to help create a sleek and proportionate silhouette. The only thing that I didn’t like about my outfit was that the skirt was a tad cumbersome. I kept stepping on it, dragging it on the floor and it getting caught under the wheels of my chair at work. Luckily, I managed not to fall or rip my skirt. I love avoiding a potential fashion crisis.

(Jacket: H&M, Skirt: Macy’s, Shoes: Payless, Scarf: So Good Jewelry)

8 thoughts on “Gray and Blue

  1. Even though the skirt was a bit of a problem…it’s sooo fabulous! I love the touch of color and the look overall! I’ve been looking at the long pleated skirts for a while, but never broke and got one….your look is making it hard for me to resist!

  2. That skirt is a BEAUT! Sad that it was bothering you all day. At least it didn’t get caught in your chair and end up pulling completely off! That would have been quite the show for the office haha!

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