Adventures in Blogging

Hello darlings. I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. It’s amazing how quickly time passes. I definitely tapped into my domestic side by doing laundry and baking all day yesterday. I wore this outfit last night for a casual night out despite the freezing temps. I still dared to wear shorts. I don’t know why but I like the look of shorts in the winter paired with more conservative pieces. I think the key to achieving this look is infusing knits and / or blazers, items that are for the colder weather into your look.

(Jacket: Jones New York, Shorts: Macy’s, Shirt: Marshalls)


So, I was nominated for Versatile Blogger of the Year by Styln ( She’s been very supportive. I’m so appreciative of the honor (thank you!!). Everyone should definitely visit her blog. Her posts are inspiring and truly versatile. I must comply with several rules for consideration of this coveted title (Nominate 10-15 fellow blogger; Inform the bloggers of their nomination; Share 7 random things about myself; Thank the blogger who nominated me, and Add the Versatile Blogger Award Pic on my blog post).

So here goes…

–>>Fellow Bloggers I Nominate:

 –>>7 Random Things About Me:

 I’m very indecisive, love the Twilight Saga ( I get a lot of flak because of this), deathly afraid of mice and heights, love to bake, once ate 6 donuts in one sitting, (not as actively as I should ) pursuing acting and modeling, and I can’t sleep without the TV on.

10 thoughts on “Adventures in Blogging

  1. That’s really a sweet look on you! I absolutely like the idea of dressy shorts in the winter along with tights and I really like the leather look of yours!

  2. I really love this look and it’s fab on you! Oh-so-cute and hot at the same time! The shorts are sooooo sweet! I want some…….

    Anyway! I’m so happy you’re glad about your nomination! I nominated you because you have a wonderful and adventurous sense of style. You also encourage your readers to try trends, fashions and looks they may not have even thought about and you give great fashion advice.

    Thanks for nominating me a second time, I’m so grateful for the nod! Thanks so much for your participation and a great big Happy Holiday’s to you!!

    • Thank you. I had been looking for any reason to wear them. I was envious of the women I’ve seen wearing sorts. They all seem so cool and alluring without try too hard.

      Oh gosh. It’s extremely generous of you to say so many kind things. I try not to sound pretentious and as if I know everything about fashion. I just know what I like to wear. I hope that my posts aren’t too trite and that my readers can find them somewhat entertaining.

      Your posts are brilliantly written. I always learn something from them. You make me want to be a better blogger.

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