PRADA SS12 Tokyo Event

Under the bright lights of  the city of Tokyo, Prada unveiled its Spring / Summer 2012 collection. The industrial scene, suped-up cars,  ladylike designs and dapper men’s collection are all reminiscent of the 50s. I loved the sleek hair styles that the women donned and golfer hats that the men sported.  So many intricate patterns were used in these designs. It really reminds me of a time long ago but the embellishments, colors, and sleek styles garnered a modern collection.  

The link below will lead you to a recap of the event from several bloggers that were lucky enough to be invited to attend the event. It’s interesting to see this from the eye of a spectator.


Other big news for  Prada – They have recently announced the opening of its newest store in Lenox Square, Atlanta.


3 thoughts on “PRADA SS12 Tokyo Event

  1. Love the pink and green, so chic! I really like that Prada is always on the cutting edge and outside of the constructs of typical fashion industry trends! Great post!

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