Chanel Gone Bollywood

Chanel has created an elegant and ornate collection that is Indian inspired for its Pre Fall 2012 collection. I like that the designs are modern and wearable. The collection isn’t filled with as many vivid and rich colors as I expected but the use of iridescent and shimmery fabrics is remarkable. They also managed to successfully blended saris and bindis into these styles. Chanel has truly outdone itself.

10 thoughts on “Chanel Gone Bollywood

  1. Wow, I’m so impressed with these Chanel photos! What a fabulously fresh direction for their design team to go in. I would never have imagined Chanel embarking on this Indian inspired path…. yet the effect is pure brilliance! I especially love that white button down coat with the mandarin collar and all the layers of pear necklaces, it is truly the unifying design of the collection and is oh-so-CHANEL! Simply gorgeous.


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