When in Doubt


I was feeling uninspired today and had no clue what to wear. In times like these I reach for my skinny jeans. Today was no different. Skinnies can look really polished with a blazer and sleek footwear. I think the darker the denim the more polished the look. They also create a great slimming illusion too. πŸ™‚

(Blazer:  Banana Republic, T-shirt: H&M, Jeans: Daily Jeans, Boots: New York Transit)

And the winner is….

The winner of the $25 Macy’s gift card is Foodfahsionandflow. β€œI love your red coat and your white top. Tunic sweaters is definitely on my must have list. I love the urban outfitters sweater pictured above. So cute!” Congratulations!

Thank you everyone for participating. Tune in next week for another fabulous contest.

Sweater Hat DIY

Using leftovers from a sweater that I deconstructed, I was able to make these cute hats. Create one for yourself  and that special little one in your life. Mine is for my 6-year-old cousin who is a Fashionista in the making.

What you need: an old sweater, scissors, needle and thread, glue gun, pom poms, zippers or whatever you prefer to use for decoration.

  I used an already cut up sweater but you can take an old sweater and remove the sleeves.

Turn the sleeve inside out and stitch the side with the smaller opening closed. This will become the top of the hat.  

Turn sleeve right-side out and fold the other end of the sleeve. Fold this end a couple of times to get that desired fit. You can stitch the fold or use a glue gun to maintain the fold.

 Here comes the fun part. I used zippers and created this flower. I coiled one to create the center and used another for the petals. I folded the zipper in loops and structured them to create a circle. (Glue each loop as you go to keep the shape.) I then took a piece of felt and glued the pieces to it to create the flower.  I then glued the flower to the hat. You can use sequins, fur pieces, ribbon whatever suits your taste to create your very own winter knit hat.


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