Corduroy Forever Relevant


Corduroy is one of my favorite fabrics to wear this time of wear. It’s cozy and keeps you warm. It’s a timeless fabric even your mom can attest to all the nifty corduroy duds she sported when she was younger. If you avoid wearing corduory in fear of looking like a throwback try to wear corduroy pieces in bright colors or in updated styles. Also try pairing corduroys with modern pieces like a blazer or ankle boots.



(Shirt: New York and Company, Vest: Last Kiss, Skirt: Levi’s, Boots: H&M)

 Try these corduroy leggings from Kohl’s made by Simply Vera. They look comfortable and come in a variety of fun colors.


DIY Alert:

Since its Fall I’ve been thinking about cute jackets, scarves, and hats that I will soon wear. I like showing my playful side by wearing colorful outerwear accessories. I made these hand warmers after seeing them at They were really easy to make. Check out my Various Finds page to learn how to make your own.


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