Got Attitude?

Attitude is everything. In order to sell your look you have to be confident . When you feel good about your appearance, you feel more confident, empowered, and more open to others. If you act like you look like a million bucks others will think so too. Yesterday I wasn’t sure about wearing these boots because I thought it would be odd for me to wear cowboy boots.  Then I thought to myself why am I going to limit myself because this might not be the typical attire that I’m accustomed to wearing? I got over it and worked these boots! I ended up getting compliments and feeling like I put together a really eclectic look.

( Jacket: Ann Taylor, Dress: Derek Heart, Boots: Aldos, Necklace: High Gear Jewelry)

6 thoughts on “Got Attitude?

  1. Honey! You rocked it from head to toe. Those boots are so hot and they look fab on you. Love this look, you really hooked it up and you looked like you were in your element at the event! You go girl!!

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