We All Have Many Layers

I adore layers. I think that you can get a really polished look by adding layers of clothing. The key is to do it properly using thin layers so that you don’t look like the Abominable Snowman.

Since it was a crisp morning I chose to wear a t-shirt, thin knit sweater, and a blazer. If I get too warm I can take off the jacket and still have a nice outfit. I think the pop of color in the scarf and sweater keeps my outfit lively.

(Sweater: Gap, Blazer: Larry Levine, Shoes: Hush Puppies)

Here are some other layered looks from Ann Taylor that you can try. They now have a sale where you can buy one item at full price and buy a second 50% off. The Loft’s $35 and under sale has returned. There is no code needed.  Stock up on sweaters and tops so that you can create your own perfect layered look.

6 thoughts on “We All Have Many Layers

  1. Love this look! You look so adorable and the blue is sooo pretty on you! And, you’re so right, the scarf gives a fresh and fashionable touch. I’m also lovin’ your other layering choices.

    PS: The hairstyle is extra cute!

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