Tis the Season…

I’m stoked to be able to wear boots. I hate initially when the season changes and not knowing what to wear. I battled with whether it was too early to wear boots but I think it’s now time. Some of my favorite styles this season are the worn and weathered, suede (booties) and the sexy over the knee looks. I think it might be a little soon for the thigh highs but there are a lot of choices to wear now.

style.justfab.com  has an amazing plethora of footwear. All shoes and boots are $39.99. You receive 50% off your first purchase. They even have you complete a style IQ test so that they can cater your search for the perfect shoe according to your  personal style.

(Blazer: 26 international, Shoes: Bamboo)

9 thoughts on “Tis the Season…

  1. OMG! Those boots are sooo cute! You look great in this outfit, very casual, yet sexy too! Honey, I pulled my boots out on the first cold day and haven’t stopped wearing them yet. I tried to wear a pair last saturday for a library date, but after doing a quick errand before the date; I came back all hot and sweaty and had to change clothes and put on my clogs…tee hee!

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