Reality Check

I’m coming back down to reality after a spectacular birthday weekend. I partied! – Maybe a little too hard but it was my birthday. I’m refreshed today and ready for the week ahead.
I’ve been seeing a lot of girls wear ankle booties with skirts and dresses and decided to try the look for myself. This top is from American Eagle. It was a steal at only $4. Yes $4. I bought these booties from a shop in NY. Between all the street vendors and neat shops I can always find something great there. There is sometimes a stigma associated with hitting up the sales racks but I think sales are awesome. Without them I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have as much clothing as I do. Since it’s the end of the summer season you can find great sales at your local retailers.

Last week I mentioned this local up and coming jewelry designer. You can learn more about it at wonderful necklace I’m wearing in this photo is from her line. The button earrings I wore last week are also from there.

I want to send a very special Happy Birthday message to my sister! It was great spending time with you on my bday and helping you celebrate yours over the weekend.

2 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. Happy belated B-Day! I hope you had a rip-roaring fun time!!! You look so sophisticated and fashionable in the skirt and booties look. The length and cut of that skirt is so perfect on you and I love how the bright color makes you shine. The colors are great (I especially like the bag) and that $4.00 dollar top is beautiful. Honey, sales are always my hope, dream and speciality. I’m a bargain shopper by birth and a sale always gets me excited and happy!

    PS: Love the vivid blue pants and taylored top, that necklace sets off the whole look!

    • Thank you! 🙂 I had too good of a time but it was my B Day sooo……I love finding good deals it’s very rewarding. When I was younger I hated bargain shopping. it was all about the brand names. now that I am an adult I see the error in my ways. Especially since I have to pay for my own clothing and etc now.

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