Preppy Bohemian

Somehow I put together this combination without putting much thought into it. I started with the khaki skirt but felt that it was too rigid to pair with a simple button down shirt. I needed to add something to make it funky. I opted for this crinkled flowery top that I picked up at Daffy’s in New York. That store is amazing! They had the most fabulous sale (75% off already reduced items). I was frantic and had to be sure that I took advantage of this splendid shopping opportunity. I also scored these shoes while I was in New York too. They were too adorable to pass up and perfect for pounding the pavement in the city.

You can easily create a similar look. Pair a long billowy dress with a cardigan and a belt or even wear flared jeans with a shirt with print and a blazer. I think the preppy articles in these outfits will really pull together the look .

In the next few days I am going to post a few DIY projects I tried at home. Be sure to check my Various Finds page for updates.


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