A Night of Glamour

Last night I attended the Fashion’s Night Out event at Saks Fifth Avenue. I had such a wonderful time. There were so many well-dressed Bostonians and the clothing at Yuna Yang’s fashion was to die for. I took a few pictures of the beautiful models there. It was weird eating and drinking in the store. I was in fear of spilling something on the pricey merchandise there. Luckily, I managed not to spill or knock anything over.  I eventually made my way to Newbury Street. It was really cool to see all the luxury vehicles on display on the street. There was music and performances. It was totally worth staying out too late!

3 thoughts on “A Night of Glamour

  1. Wow! What a cool event! Sounds like you had a wonderful time and I know you looked fab! What did you wear (dress, pants, leggings look)?

    We also attended a FNO event at Saks Fifth Avenue (Somerset Collection, Troy MI). The event was called, Couples of Style and Subtance and benefited the Children’s Miracle Network. Each couple was honored for their fashion style, business and philanthropic efforts.

    We didn’t get a fashion show, but there were lots of fashionable people, hot music and yummy food and drinks. We had photos taken with Hour Magazine (Local) and Vogue/StyleList.com. We also got gift cards so I was able to buy a couple of makeup items. I had a great time and being able to shop made it even better.

    I wanted to post about it but my photos didn’t come out very well and I can’t get a hold of any…still thinking about it though.

    • I wore the blue dress in the picture. I went right after work and had no time to stop home first. I figured it was wearable to work with a sweater and that I could shed the sweater for the festivities 🙂 It was fun. It sounds like the FNO in your city was a good time too and for a great cause! We didn’t get gift cards though 😦
      You should definitely post the pictures. I’d be interested in seeing them. My photos weren’t that great but still gives you a glimpse at what took place.

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