Last Summer Hurrah

Over Labor Day weekend I went to New York for a day and picked up a few cute items to help me go into the new season with style. Whenever I’m in New York I’m in awe of all the well-dressed people and the individuality. It always makes me ponder what life would be like if I lived there. However it was truly depressing when I went to Bloomingdale’s to check out the latest designer duds to be bombarded with Winter outerwear. Ugh! Snow and frigid temperatures are the last thing on my mind. I really can’t believe that summer is nearly over. I won’t be able to wear cute rompers, dresses, and strappy sandals I’ve worn over the last few months. So long until next Summer… When I returned from New York I spent the following day roving around Boston, admiring the beauty of the city. It seemed fitting to go for a hippy chic look. There’s something about the simplicity and versatility of a t-shirt that I covet. I wore cropped army green pants and this vintage belt that I absolutely love.


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