A Thing for Denim

 I’ve always been a little crazed over denim. I can backtrack through my fashion timeline and identify different trends in denim that I obsessed over. When I was a child I much-loved my paint splashed and cross color dungarees, as a teen I practically lived in my oversized skater denims, and a couple of years later I flipped for the distressed, torn, and worn look. Now I am fanatical over skinnies and trouser jeans. Yesterday I opted for this cute cropped denim jacket. It really pulled my look together. Without it I would’ve looked too casual.

 Has anyone else noticed the outrageous prices of jeans? www.denimjeans.com reported that retailers have increased prices to offset the increased cost of cotton. While prices may be hard on our wallets this weekend the Gap has a 40% off Labor Day Sale. This includes denim. www.gap.com

Learn about more wonderful sales on my Various Finds page.

Don’t forget to tell me about some of your favorite denim trends? Leave your comments below ↓.

4 thoughts on “A Thing for Denim

  1. Really cute look! I love my jeans, they make me feel sexy! I must admit, I’m obsessed with skinny jeans and jeans with flaps on the back pockets, I also like jeans with rips and holes in them. Right now, I’m looking for the perfect pair of black jeans.

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