Neutral Ground

I love neutral colors. I think these colors are complimentary to my skin tone. Neutral tones are classic and will forever be in style. Another plus to wearing neutral and light colors is that it lifts my spirits. There’s something about the light colors that make me feel light and free. Pairing neutral colors with bright colors is a nice contrast too. This can energize an outfit. I usually like neutral colored bottoms (pants and skirts) and add color on top (shirts and sweaters). I don’t like to wear too many neutrals in one outfit to avoid looking washed out or dull.

Try assembling a neutral colored outfit using pieces from your wardrobe. You can add color to your outfit with accessories and/or shoes. Pair khaki or light neutral colored shorts and a bright blue, red, or even a shimmery top. You can even go bold with your makeup by using a punchy lip color or bright shadow. Be cautious to not go overboard with the bright makeup. Choose one feature to go bold with your look.



(Dress: Anne Klein, Vest: Eliott Lauren, Shoes: Bucco)


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