The Calm After the Storm

It’s back to work after an uneventful weekend. I was  stuck in the house for the last couple of days and was happy to briefly return to the streets even if it was to only be confined for another 8 hours. It’s a beautiful morning. The air is fresh, crisp, and almost reminiscent of a Fall day. I opted for this combination to stay warm and comfy while waiting for public transportation.  I totally believe that accessories can make an outfit. I felt that without the jewelry that my outfit was dated and ordinary. These shoes are easy to wear all day long. The wedge makes them comfortable and adds vibrancy to my get-up.

 I really like the high waist pants trend (which I’m wearing but may be difficult to see). I think it’s invigorating. I’m glad that there is a trend inspired to cover our bums and now I do not have to repeatedly tug at my pants to keep them from exposing my unmentionables. The high waist accentuates the waist and embraces one’s hourglass figure. I like to infuse menswear trends with frilly pieces. I think menswear trends automatically make an outfit chic.

(Sweater: Talbots Pants: H&M Shoes: Qupid)

Make sure to see my recent experiment with a DIY project on my Various Finds page.

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