Casual Friday


This morning it was particularly hard for me to drag myself out of bed. After I realized that it is Friday I was more than happy to get out of bed. There is something about Fridays that are energizing.  Maybe it because of countless possibilities of things to do over the next two days or maybe it’s because I usually wear comfy clothing to work aka jeans. Today I’m wearing my American Eagle jeans and Imaginary Voyage top I picked up from Marshalls. Both aren’t too formfitting which makes it hard to feel insecure about your physique. I do love the way the jeans fit my hips and how the legs are long and flare out as they graze the floor. I’m also wearing turquoise colored jewelry that my sister bought me when she was vacationing in the Dominican Republic. It’s the Larimar stone which is the national stone of The Dominican Republic. They can only be found there. It might be hard to see them. I’ll try to get better shots of them up here later. 

 I hope that everyone have a safe and wonderful weekend! If you are in an area that may be affected by Hurricane Irene be sure to pick up a few basic necessities from your local store.

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